Grab, MOVE IT conduct road safety training for Davao drivers and riders
Grab, MOVE IT conduct road safety training for Davao drivers and riders
In line with its steadfast commitment to road safety, Grab and MOVE IT marked the celebration of Road Safety Month in June by spearheading a road safety training program for drivers, riders and delivery partners in Davao and other major cities.

The training programs, dubbed as “Drive Safe: Takbong Swabe, Safe Palagi!” which drew thousands of participants, focused on critical aspects of road safety, such as defensive driving, vehicle maintenance and traffic rules and regulations.

As a key highlight of the training program, Grab and MOVE IT also officially launched two new safety features on the driver apps: the Fatigue Nudge and the Real-Time Overspeeding Alert.

Fatigue Nudge is a smart driver fatigue management feature that monitors the drivers’ active online hours and sends them a reminder to take a break when they have exceeded the recommended online threshold.  This feature will go live on the Grab and MOVE IT driver apps this month.

Real-Time Overspeeding Alert, on the other hand, is a feature that encourages drivers to follow road speed limits. Leveraging the accuracy and precision of GrabMaps, the vehicle’s speedometer will turn red when the driver exceeds the road’s speed limits, urging them driver to slow down.

“Safety is a cornerstone of everything we do at Grab,” Grab Philippines Chief Operating Officer Ronald Roda pointed out. “To us, we view safety as a shared responsibility across all our stakeholders – be it passengers, regulators, drivers and platforms.”

The road safety training program was offered in collaboration with CEMEX, the Philippine National Police (PNP) and local transportation experts, with each one conducting a separate workshop focused on promoting road safety.  

CEMEX led a workshop educating drivers and riders about maintaining safe distances and blind spots, which are invaluable safety measures particularly for vulnerable motorists like two-wheel drivers.

Transportation experts, meanwhile, reinforced traffic rules and regulations with a workshop designed to elevate the drivers’ and riders’ understanding of road responsibilities. Roda explained that the workshops are part of Grab’s goal to ensure safety, efficiency and fairness on roads and highways in order to create a more informed and cautious driving community.  

Grab and MOVE IT also renewed its shared commitment with the PNP to promote a trustworthy and secure transportation environment for every user. As part of this commitment, an Emergency SOS Button is available to passengers during their ride and provides a direct line to police hotlines for emergency assistance.

“This is part of Grab’s commitment which extends beyond simply transporting individuals. It encompasses a steadfast dedication to ensuring every journey is synonymous with safety,” Roda explained. 

He further pointed out that “Grab is continuously innovating our safety and security measures, championing driver skills development, activating cutting edge safety technology and collaborating with like-minded partners to share a future for ride-hailing that is safe, secure and responsible.”

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