GCash Official Statement
GCash Official Statement
We have already adjusted the e-wallets of all affected GCash users. We wish to reiterate that our customers did not lose their funds on GCash. The app is now up for service so you can safely proceed with your regular transactions.

Rest assured, your funds are intact, safe, and secure with GCash. Our proactive cybersecurity policies are in place to protect our customers as the safety and security of your account is our top priority.

We advise our users to remain vigilant in their online transactions. GCash will never send emails or messages with links nor reach out to customers via calls and other messaging platforms. We are also reminding everyone to never share their MPIN and One-time Pin (OTP) to anyone and to report suspicious activities through our Help Center at https://help.gcash.com/hc/en-us, and talk to Gigi. Customers can also call our hotline at 2882 for other queries.

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