Mapua Malayan Colleges Mindanao launches global classrooms connecting its campus to the world
Mapua Malayan Colleges Mindanao launches global classrooms connecting its campus to the world
As the world moves towards a more internationalized landscape, there is a growing need to equip students with the tools they will need to navigate the rapidly shifting industry space. Through its groundbreaking partnership with Arizona State University (ASU), Mapua Malayan Colleges Mindanao (MCM) is rolling out high-tech Global Classrooms to facilitate a borderless learning experience.

As a member of the Mapua University network of colleges, Mapua MCM and this partnership are redefining business and health science programs via its critical learning pillars.

Mapua Malayan Colleges Mindanao (Mapua MCM), located in Davao City, is one of Mapua’s three major campuses in the Philippines. Since its opening in 2018, the student body has grown to over 5,000. Mapua MCM offers various programs, including arts and sciences, computer and information science, health sciences, business, engineering, and architecture. The campus also provides junior and senior high schools. Mapua MCM’s location in the southernmost part of the Philippines also helps ensure that students in that region have access to a good learning experience.  


One of the key benefits of this partnership that students can expect is the global perspective integrated into their classes. They now have access to ASU’s world-class content and ASU-enhanced course programs. Global Signature Courses are offered via state-of-the-art virtual Global Classrooms. Students can engage in online learning experiences co-lectured by ASU faculty in the United States and professors from the ASU-Cintana Alliance universities. These initiatives also allow the students to interact with classmates worldwide without having to leave the Philippines.(Romeo Braceros Jr.)

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