NLRC orders FoodPanda Delivery to pay P 2.2-M to “illegally dismissed” riders
NLRC orders FoodPanda Delivery to pay P 2.2-M to “illegally dismissed” riders
DAVAO CITY- Former regular employees of FoodPanda Philippines Incorporated won their illegal dismissal case lodged before the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC).

In a 31-page decision of NLRC Regional Arbitration Branch No. Xl, Davao City dated June 30, of which the copy of the decision was only provided to the media Thursday night (July 28), the NLRC ruled that the complainants' employment were illegally terminated.

NLRC in its decision said the determination of an employer-employee relationship in an agreement involving the performance of service to another for a fee is not always easy and clear-cut. The advancement of technology that made virtual online transactions the new reality saw the emergence of novel business systems that lend further complexity to this relationship. 

“This case is in fact my first impression,” NLRC said.

According to NLRC, the agency ensures that the labor force is duly recognized and its rights continuously guaranteed. At the end of the day, the decision said , labor is still an individual’s daily feat to put food on his/ her family’s table , and because of this he/she may ever be willing to adjust to his employer’s demands if it means sustainability of his/her life.

“Our duty, as labor tribunals, is to ensure that this paramount consideration in upholding the rights of labor should not be lost in the analysis of every attempt to create a working relationship utilizing labor in the guise of contractual freedom, where labor is almost always in the losing end,” the decision further said.

Thus, amidst the complexity of the arrangements imposed by capital upon labor, the principles of social justice remain the same,i.e, protection of the underprivileged, the decision stated.

The NLRC declared that all of the complainants were regular employees of FoodPanda Philippines,Inc.

NLRC declared that FoodPanda Philippines Inc. is guilty of illegally terminating the employments of Edmund Deala Carrilo, Francis Ghlenn Suplag Costan, Nerjhun Habagat Claramon, Manuel Dolendo Lapiña, Roberto Jabines Gonzaga, Jeffrey Batingan Cabusas, and Nawar Sarip Solaiman.

The NLRC had ordered the firm to pay the complainants a total of P2,223,466.83.

The food delivery merchant is also ordered to pay the complainants their respective attorney’s fees amounting to a total of P222,346.68.

The order was signed by NLRC Labor Arbiter Rovyne G. Jumao-as.

To recall, July of 2021 about 200 riders food delivery service provider Foodpanda trooped along Roxas Avenue this city  to protest the questionable practices of the food delivery platform following their diminishing take-home pay.

The group through Edmund Carrillo , the President of Davao United Delivery Riders Association Incorporated sought the assistance of then Davao City Councilor Pamela Librado-Morata asking for the City Government's help after several riders were removed access by the Foodpanda management from catering deliveries.

This prompted the group to file their complaints at NLRC.

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