Davaoeño football talents selected for Philippine U16 Team in ASEAN Championship
Davaoeño football talents selected for Philippine U16 Team in ASEAN Championship
Two promising football talents from Davao, Anthony Elorde and Austin Dilodilo were selected to represent the Philippines in the ASEAN Boys U16 Football Championship. The tournament will take place in Indonesia from June 21 to July 4, showcasing young talents from across Southeast Asia.

Anthony Elorde, a student at Southpoint School and a member of CR7 Football Club, has impressed the public with his skills and dedication on the field. Known for his agility and strategic play, Elorde's selection highlights his potential to make a significant impact on the national stage.

Joining him is Austin Dilodilo, goalkeeper for Rovers FC and San Beda High School's football team. Dilodilo's prowess in goalkeeping has been pivotal for his teams, demonstrating remarkable reflexes and leadership qualities. His inclusion in the Philippine squad underscores his reputation as a reliable goalkeeper.

Both players took rigorous training and trials to earn their spots in the national team, impressing selectors with their technical abilities and commitment to the sport. The ASEAN Boys U16 Championship presents a crucial opportunity for Elorde, Dilodilo, and their teammates to showcase their skills, compete against top talents in the region, and contribute to Philippine football's development.

The selection of these Davaoeño athletes reflects the growing talent pool in the region and highlights the efforts of local football clubs and schools in nurturing young players. Their journey to represent the Philippines in this prestigious tournament is not only a testament to their hard work but also a source of inspiration for aspiring footballers in Davao and beyond.

As they prepare to compete in Indonesia, Anthony Elorde, Austin Dilodilo, and the Philippine U16 team carry the hopes and aspirations of their communities.

 Their participation in the ASEAN Boys U16 Championship promises exciting matches and the opportunity to make a mark on the regional football scene.

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