Police eyes lone suspect in Nieva's death
Police eyes lone suspect in Nieva's death
DAVAO CITY- Colonel Alberto Lupaz, chief of Davao City Police Office said that the authorities have already identified a person of interest behind the death of a 57- year-old former government employee.

The victim, Lilian Nieva was brutally murdered inside her residence in Deca Homes Talomo, Barangay Bago Galera, around 1:25 p.m. on September 29, 2023 where she sustained 44 stab wounds from a kitchen knife.

The police were also able to discover that Nieva’s house had been burglarized, with personal items and assorted jewelry were missing. 

According to Lupaz, the Oplan Siyasat which DCPO created to investigate the veracity of Nieva’s grisly crime, has initially identified four suspects, however, in their succeeding investigation the probers are now concentrating on one person of interest.

Lupaz in a press conference held Friday morning (Nov. 3), refused to divulge the identity of the lone suspect since the investigation is currently ongoing.

“Di ko lang i-divulged ang pangalan kasi ongoing yong investigation. But we are concentrating on one person of interest. We are considering na walang forcible entry nangyari,” Lupaz said.

He said the “Oplan Siyasat” team is set to convene another meeting next week to know the progress of the case.

Lupaz further said they are looking at the possibility that the victim knew the suspects.

November 5, 2023

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