No more home isolation for Covid-19 patients in Davao City
No more home isolation for Covid-19 patients in Davao City
By Ruth Palo

DAVAO CITY- The city’s Covid-19 Task Force confirmed Friday that home isolation will no longer be an option for mild and asymptomatic Covid-19 patients due to the decreasing number of cases here.

Dr. Michelle Schlosser, the spokesman of the city’s Covid- Task Force said that they will stop home isolation now that the Temporary Treatment and Monitoring Facility (TTMF) in the city can already accommodate more patients. She said those patients who are experiencing mild symptoms or asymptomatic will have to be admitted to the TTMF.

“There is no more home isolation. Those who are undergoing home quarantine will just have to complete their quarantine days,” Schlosser said.

In September of this year, the city started allowing positive patients to stay home due to the surge in the number of cases, provided that they have a separate room from other members of the family, have a separate bathroom/comfort room in their rooms, and are not living with people who belong to the vulnerable population. The initiative aims to decongest the TTMF in the city and help prioritize those in dire need of medical assistance.

As of November 4, the city has recorded 35 new cases which brings the total number of cases to 678.

“We are not sure who among them are in home isolation but with these active cases, when we say active cases, this is for the past 14 days, this is very low,” Sclosser said.

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